Lesha (pumpkin_faerie) wrote in hautemamas,

Baby Love

Banana Republic Onesie, call 888-BRSTYLE

Just because the tiny tot in your life can't find the words—quite literally—to tell you what they want this holiday season is no excuse to cross them of your list. Indeed, provided you can stop that incessant cooing at the counter (yes, we know, tiny shoes are adorable), there are few things more fun than buying pint-size presents. This season, we're drooling over Banana Republic's prep school–style onesies, and don't even get us started on those itty-bitty baby blue leather booties at Penhaligon! And, for a gift both Mama and child can appreciate, Petunia Pickle Bottom's Asian-flavor, lilac Ginger Roll Boxy Backpack proves once and for all that yes, Virginia, there really is a glamorous diaper bag.
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